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Advice and support

Areas that AU Elitesport can help with

The sporting focus that elite athletes must necessarily apply in order to reach the top in their sport should not rule out completing a degree programme in parallel with this within a reasonable time frame. Elite athletes who are also studying often find that the needs of the degree programme and of their sport overlap. Information and planning can help to avoid many conflicts, and most can be resolved with flexible arrangements. AU Elitesport offers advice and help with this.

The support from AU Elitesport can be divided into four areas:

1.    Advice and guidance

  • Study choice guidance
  • Planning your studies
  • Career guidance

2.    Administrative assistance

  • Planning and approval of a personal study plan
  • Dispensation and credit transfer applications
  • Studies alongside time spent abroad for sport-related reasons

3.    Personal support schemes

  • Academic assistance
  • Supplementary teaching


4.    Access to training facilities